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Jonathan Diaz

JDiazBusiness is a full service agency that has serviced over 250 clients specializing in Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Software Development, SEO, Social Media Management and more. 

Let’s talk and see how I can help you or your brand!

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JDiaz Business Clients
JDiaz Business Clients
JDiaz Business Clients

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for Digital Marketing and Business. Throughout my entrepreneurial career, i’ve founded one of the fastest-growing credit repair companies, worked with numerous big-name brands, school districts and even people from MTV.


Recently I’ve gained a lot of interest in SAAS (Software as a service) and i’m currently developing SocialProspector.io (A LinkedIn automation software), Instavio.com (A software similar to Loom but with additional tools to help businesses close deals), and LinkElite.com (A Bio-Link software similar to Link Tree with sales tools to help entrepreneurs sell their products).

State of the art

All In-House

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Phoenix Branding Agency


We’ll work with you to develop a brand that reflects your unique personality and showcases the best of YOU or your brand.

At our company, we believe that a strong brand strategy should be the foundation of any successful business.

Phoenix Web Designer

Website Development

All our websites are custom built for each client. No templates here! We use state of the art software to make sending revisions a breeze. Every website comes with 6 months of free web hosting. After the 6 months it’s only $20/m.

Phoenix App Developer

Software Development

Why roll your own when you can have a team of experts build it for you? We offer custom software development services, so whether its an app or some major rewrite on the back-end our developers will be able to get results.

Phoenix Marketing & Automation

SEO + Optimization

With SEO, we’ll help you apply a professional & integrated approach to grow your business in today’s online and digital world. We deliver the right message using the right platform to enhance results-oriented customers for your services.


Phoenix Social Media Agency

Social + Media Production

From brainstorming ideas until final approval before posting live; we won’t stop at creating excellent written pieces either: if video footage is more what fits best into whatever project goals may be set forth then don’t hesitate asking us because those things come naturally between ourselves

Phoenix Marketing Consulting

Business Consulting

Maximizing your company’s ROI with our Marketing Consulting Services, which include everything from social media strategy down through email campaigns – we’ve got it covered.


Spark Alert

H&S Building Solutions

H&S Building Solutions

PDO Lift


TaxOut Movement

What people say

"I just want to say these guys are amazing at what they do. I reached out to them and they told me they would have my website done in 7-10 business days and then would go through revising process."
Robert B.
"So glad I chose them to do my website. Having so many things to do while running a business, and not having to worry about your website because it’s getting taken care of, is the best feeling. Would highly recommend!"
Kassandra C.
"I absolutely love this company, fair pricing and amazing customer service when I said amazing it’s means the best of the best, they reply very fast to your request with professionalism."
Tony R.

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Branding · Identity · Social Media

Software Development · Web Development · Development

Content Creation · Consulting · Copywriting